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Pathway Materials  

 Coxwell Path Gravel

 Mountsorrel Granite

 Breedon Wayfarer

 Gill Mill Gravel


MJ Abbott Direct can supply a wide range of Pathway Materials in different colours and grading's.

Coxwell Self Binding Path Gravel

Colour: Terracotta Brown

Originates from Faringdon, Oxfordshire. This material has earned a prestigious reputation for its attractive natural colour, ease of laying and minimum maintenance required thereafter.

It is screened 30mm to fines so that, when rolled will give a fine, close textured surface. It is used extensively throughout Southern England and Wales on pathways and cycle tracks. 

Coxwell 5mm Path Dressing

Colour: Terracotta Brown

Coxwell 5mm Path Dressing is similar to the Self-binding path gravel but thanks to a finer texture it can be used to add the finishing surface.

Deansett Path Gravel (Red Pave)

Colour: Pale Pink

Originates from Coleford, Gloucestershire. This limestone material is used by many golf courses in the South of England. This product is a good substitute for Redgra which is no longer available as the deposit has been exhausted.

This product is graded either 10mm down or 6mm down.

Red Pave Path Dressing

Colour: Pale Pink

Red Pave Path Dressing is similar to the Path Gravel but has a finer grade for use as a finish dressing.

This product is graded 0 4mm.
Mountsorrel Granite Fines
Colour: Pinky Grey (Pink when wet)

Originates from Mountsorrel, Leicestershire. Due to good rail links to the quarry, this material is regularly used as a path topping all across the UK.

This product is graded 4mm to dust.
Mendipsett Path Gravel
Colour: Dark Grey
Originates from Frome, Somerset. This limestone material provides a fine finish to pathways across the Southwest of England. 
This product is graded 4mm to dust.

Breedon Golden Amber Self Binding Path Gravel

Colour: Golden Buff

Originates from Breedon-on-the-Hill, Derbyshire. Soft and natural in appearance, Breedon Golden Amber Gravel complements both modern day and historical projects.

It is held in very high regard for its performance, durability and versatility and can be seen at some of the country's National Trust and English Heritage gardens.

It is graded 12mm to fines with a high content of naturally occurring marl which gives the product its unique self-binding properties.

Breedon Wayfarer Self Binding Path Gravel

Colour: Golden Buff

Breedon Wayfarer is screened 6mm down. It provides an attractive natural and robust surface for buggy paths, cycleways, canal towpaths and footpaths.

Breedon Wayfarer should not be used for car parks, or other heavy vehicular use, for this we recommend Breedon Golden Amber gravel.

Criggion Green Path Gravel (Green Pave)

Colour: Pale Green

Originates from Shrewsbury, Shropshire. This material is extensively used on golf courses for pathways due to its very pleasing colour.

This is available in a variety of grading's, starting at 6mm to fines. 

Cotswold Path Gravel

Colour: Buff

Originates from Cirencester, Gloucestershire. This Oolitic Limestone material is extensively used for pathways due to its colour and durable finish.

It is screened 14mm to fines.  

Gill Mill Self Binding Path Gravel

Colour: Buff Brown

Originates from Witney, Oxfordshire. This limestone gravel is used predominantly in Southern England for foot and cycle paths. 

It is screened 8mm to fines and will give a very fine, close textured surface when rolled.

Banbury Chips

Colour: Golden Brown

Originates from Banbury, Oxfordshire. This beautiful quarried stone is a natural golden brown colour with a trace of blue.

It is screened 25mm to fines and beds down to produce a long lasting quiet pathway.
Thrislington Gold Self Binding Path Gravel

Colour: Golden Buff
Originates from Ferryhill, County Durham. This limestone gravel is used predominately in Northern England for pathways.
It is screened 6mm to fines and will bind well when rolled.
Ollisett Path Gravel
Colour: Black
Originates from Atherstone, Warwickshire. This basalt gravel is used across the Midlands for pathways. 
It has also been approved by the English Cricket Board for use as a porous layer under artificial cricket wickets.
It is screened 6mm to fines.  
Pathfinder Path Gravel
Colour: Light Cream
Originates from Stainton, South Yorkshire. This dolomitic limestone has an aesthetically pleasing light cream colouring very similar to gravels found in the Cotswolds.
It is screened 6mm to fines.
Cockle Shells

Colour: Mottled White

Cockle Shells are an ideal Path Media for use on Golf Courses. They are highly decorative, offer good drainage and do not damage mower blades. They have also been used to good effect on the paths, driveways and gardens of Stately Homes, Mazes and Wildlife Parks.

Also available crushed in 2, 4, 8 and 12 mm sizes.
Brick Pave Path Topping
Colour: Pinky Red
Made from crushed reject bricks and/or roof tiles. A competitively priced material, particularly in the Midlands.
Available in two grades: 6mm to fines and 14mm to fines.

Many other self-binding path gravels are also available such as Harden Redtrak and Arcow Greytrak.

For pricing, call us on   01722 716361
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