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MJAbbott Ltd

Suppliers of professional products and materials

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Recycled Materials

MJ Abbott Direct can supply a large range of recycled materials which can be used for a variety of purposes.

Recycled materials are making an increasingly important contribution to the UK's needs.

By reducing demand on primary sources, they are helping businesses to become more sustainable - in other words, not using up assets today that our children may need tomorrow.

Sub Base Materials 
  • MOT Type 1 (SHW 803) crushed concrete with frost heave certificate– for use under heavily
    MOT Type 1 Crushed Concrete
    trafficked areas
  • Type 1 crushed concrete – 50mm down for use under heavily trafficked areas
  • Type 2 crushed concrete – 75mm down for use as bulk fill 
  • 25mm down (6F1) crushed concrete – for use as a capping layer
  • 125mm down (6F2) crushed concrete / hardcore – for use as bulk fill
  • 75mm down (6F5) crushed concrete – for use as hardcore, trench fill
  • Tarmac Planings – 50mm down for use under lightly traffic areas
Capping Materials
  • Tarmac Planings – Screened 20mm down for use as a road capping
  • Tarmac Planings – Screened 10mm down for use as a road capping
  • Path Blend Planings – Tarmac / concrete blend screened 60mm down (to DOT spec for Pathways)
The sub base and capping materials can be supplied in bulk loads from 10 to 29T.

Recycled Rubber Crumb
Crown III ™ 1 -3mm – Rubber Crumb
  • Crown III ™ 1 -3mm – Rubber Crumb Turf Reinforcement for Football & Rugby Pitches
  • Crown III ™ 1 -3mm – Rubber Crumb Turf Reinforcement for walkways and aprons
  • Crown III ™ 0.5 -1.5mm – Rubber Crumb Turf Reinforcement for greens
  • Ditchfil 1-3mm – for filling the ditch on a Bowling Green to prevent damage to the woods
  • Ditchfil 4-10mm – for filling the ditch on a Bowling Green to prevent damage to the woods
  • Rubber Crumb – 0.5 – 2mm – to top fill artificial turf
  • Rubber Crumb – 12 – 14mm – to reinforce car parks or horse arenas
  • Rubber Crumb is also available in other grades (0.8-1.8mm, 1-3mm, 2-4mm, 2-6mm, 2-8mm and 5-10mm) 
The rubber crumb products can be supplied in 25 kg bags (1 tonne to a pallet) or 1 tonne bulk bags or in bulk loads from 10 to 29T.

Rubber Bark

Manufactured in the UK using 100% recycled materials, this innovative multipurpose surface cover lasts for years, unlike other surfaces. It is unaffected by the environment avoiding the costs and trouble of annual replacement and can add fade resistant colour to your play and landscape areas all year round. Available in 10kg bags or 500kg bulk bags.
Mini Bark Forest Mix
  • Mini Bark Brown
  • Mini Bark Sea Green
  • Mini Bark Grass Green
  • Mini Bark Black
  • Mini Bark Plum
  • Mini Bark Grey
  • Mini Bark Blue
  • Mini Bark Terracotta
  • Mini Bark Forest Mix

For pricing, call us on   01722 716361
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BTME 2018

We look forward to meeting all our golf, sports and turf management customers at the BIGGA Turf Management Exhibition in Harrogate, 23rd to 25th January 2018.

You will find us in Hall A, stand A49

Please drop in and talk to one of our team manning the stand

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