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MJAbbott Ltd

Suppliers of professional products and materials

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For pricing, call us on   01722 716361


Rootzones & Dressings

MJ Abbott Direct supply rootzones and dressings from the leading manufacturers throughout the UK.

The materials can be supplied in bulk loads from 20 to 29T.


A good quality rootzone is produced from high quality sand sources, chosen for its cleanliness and consistency, blended with carefully selected organic materials.

The organic component can be either a sandy loam, a fen soil or a PAS100 composted green waste.

The large selection possibilities of sands and available organic material means that any possible combination can be made available on request.

The following blends are available nationwide, and are described by the volumetric proportions of sand and organic material:
  • Rootzone 50/50
  • Rootzone 60/40 
  • Rootzone 70/30 
  • Rootzone 75/25 
  • Rootzone 80/20 
  • Rootzone 85/15 
  • Rootzone 90/10 
  • Rootzone USGA 
  • Landscape Mix 
  • Divot Mix with soil
  • Divot Mix with Compost

Top Dressings

A good quality top dressing is again produced from high quality sand sources and then blended with carefully selected organic materials. The material is very often heat treated to ensure that it is sterile and to allow easy application.

The following blends are generally available, and are again described by the volumetric proportions of sand and organic material:
  • Top Dressing 50/50 Sterilised
  • Top Dressing 60/40 Sterilised
  • Top Dressing 70/30 Sterilised 
  • Top Dressing 80/20 Sterilised
A bespoke blend can also be produced to a client's specification (dependent on quantity).

For pricing, call us on   01722 716361
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BTME 2018

We look forward to meeting all our golf, sports and turf management customers at the BIGGA Turf Management Exhibition in Harrogate, 23rd to 25th January 2018.

You will find us in Hall A, stand A49

Please drop in and talk to one of our team manning the stand

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