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Natural & Artificial Turf

MJ Abbott Direct supply a wide range of natural and artificial turf from all of the UK's leading growers and manufacturers.
Below you will find details of the most common types of turfing materials we supply. This list is by no means complete. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements and we will endeavour to source suitable products for your project at a competitive price. 

The natural turf range includes products suitable for general landscaping projects, sport pitches and all areas of a golf course, including specialist turfs for revetting bunkers and pathways (drought tolerant).
MJ Abbott Direct are proud to be a distributor for Tillers Turf who have gained the reputation of being one of the leading turf growers in the UK and Europe with a very consistent product quality. 

The artificial turf range includes products for artificial lawns, artificial sports surfaces, football pitches, golf mats, golf courses and putting greens and children's play areas.
MJ Abbott Direct are a distributor for Verde Sports who specialise in artificial grass and synthetic sports surfaces for golf, cricket and bowls. 

Natural Turf

Our natural turf range is available in standard 1mē rolls each measuring 610mm (24") by 1.64m (65") or in 'Big Rolls' in three widths - 600mm (24"), 740mm (29") or 1.2m (48"). Big roll laying equipment is available for hire if required. The delivery method is dependent on the size of order:
  • Large orders will be delivered by dedicated transport complete with unloading facilities.
  • Small orders will be delivered by a taillift equipped truck which can delivery to the kerbside only.


Arena is widely used in landscaping and for golf course fairways for its consistency and reliability.

Arena contains the latest varieties of dwarf ryegrasses to give a really tough, hard wearing turf. Gone are the days of the old types of ryegrass, which were coarse and very fast growing. Today, the modern ryegrasses are fine-leaved, slow growing, and easy to maintain.

Fescue and smoothstalked meadowgrass are included in the mixture to provide the density of sward expected in a high quality turf.

Arena Bargold

Arena Bargold contains the new super-dwarf ryegrass, Bargold. This is a major step forward in grass breeding because Bargold combines, for the first time, the fine appearance of fescues with the hardwearing nature of ryegrass. This is the most popular turf for golf tees. Mowing height for tees: 10-12mm.

Arena Sport

Where you need a turf to stand up to the demands of football and rugby, a high percentage of ryegrass in the mixture is required. Arena Sport is a turf designed with this in mind.

The cultivars of ryegrass used in Arena Sport have been subjected to relentless wear trials at the Sports Turf Research Institute.

RTF (rhizomatous tall fescue)

RTF turf is a new development in amenity turf because it can tolerate a wide range of tough conditions:
  • Drought
  • Waterlogging
  • Wear and tear
  • Salinity
The secret to RTF lies in its roots, which can go down 1.5m into the soil. This is considerably deeper than ryegrass. Such an extensive root system allows the plant to exploit deeper soil water reserves. Even in severe drought, when grass goes brown, RTF will recover very quickly when the first rains come. RTF has quite a broad leaf, so it's not suitable for fine lawns. But for amenity landscaping and golf course pathways it's outstanding. It cuts very well with rotary mulching mowers, and mown at a recommended height of 50-75mm it absorbs the clippings easily. It is also used for Golf Bunker Sides as it copes well with sand splash.

Greens Turf grown on USGA Rootzone

Rootzone Turf was developed to eliminate the problem of incompatibility caused when turf grown on topsoil is laid onto a high specification sandy rootzone. It is grown on a layer of USGA specification sand, and managed as if it were a golf green (with regular top-dressing & verticutting to prevent thatch build-up. The seed mixture used is 50% bent and 50% fescue, giving a predominately bent sward at maturity.

Lifting of the turf takes place when it is approximately one year old. This is the perfect time to lift turf of this type as it is strong enough to handle. 

Greens Turf grown on topsoil

Greens turf on topsoil is grown for use on pop-up greens, green surrounds, approaches and fairways. It is not suitable for use on USGA specification green constructions.

Because imported rootzone is not used in the production of this turf, it is a much cheaper option that the turf grown on USGA rootzone above. However, in all other respects the turf is grown in the same way. 

The seed mixture used is again 50% bent and 50% fescue, giving a predominately bent sward at maturity. 

Tee Turf without Ryegrass

This 100% Fescue turf is used primarily for tees on links courses. Under the right conditions, 100% Fescue turf gives a very high quality tee. Mowing height for tees: 10-12mm.

Revetting Turf

Revetting turf comes in slabs 40mm thick. Each slab measures 1.2m (47") by 0.6m (24"). You can cut the slab lengthways into two, three, or four strips depending on the width you require. So, for example, you can get four 15cm wide strips from each slab, or three 20cm wide strips.

Each pallet of turf holds 20 slabs. Cut lengthways into four 15cm strips, the total linear length of turf per pallet is 96m. The turf is exceptionally strong and dense, and will last for many years in the bunker face.

Lining Turf

Lining Turf is laid upside down in the base of bunkers as a traditional method of preventing stones and soil coming up into the sand.

Artificial Turf


Verdeturf is a 20mm open pile artificial grass, which is U.V. and colour stabilised. The tufted pile of the grass is filled to within 2-3mm off the surface with kiln dried sand. This sand holds the grass in place, eliminating the necessity for nails or other fixings. The sand also protects the tufts from spiked shoes and provides a natural appearance to the finished installation. 

Super Verdegrass

This is a 12mm dense pile artificial grass, which is U.V. and colour stabilised. It is extremely hard-wearing and spike resistant. Super Verdegrass does not require a sand dressing so should be held in place with either all-weather adhesive or galvanised nails. Super Verdegrass is ideal for covering bridges and sleeper steps where the weight of a sand infill may be too great or there is a high risk of slipping. It is also very popular on areas near the clubhouse, where a non-sand filled product is preferred.

Both Verdeturf and Super Verdegrass are available in rolls 4.00m or 2.00m wide. 1.00m or 1.33m widths can be accommodated as long as there is no wastage, i.e. order two pieces 1.00m wide or three pieces 1.33m wide. 

Should a long pathway be required, the material can be butt jointed on site. To ensure that the join is both invisible and remains secure for many years, a special purpose jointing tape and adhesive can be supplied.
Super Verde TeeTurf

This is an 36mm ultra dense nylon artificial grass, which is both U.V. and colour stabilised. It is brand new to market in 2012 and has been designed and constructed especially for the golf market. It is a non-infill golf tee that is dense enough to support a tee peg, yet durable enough to drive straight off the surface.
Many non-infill tees on the market have been criticised for their lack of density which has lead to premature wear, an uneven feel underfoot and lack of grip on the tee peg.
Super Verde TeeTurf not only addresses all of these issues, but as the nylon construction is equidistant in both directions, even wear and tear is assured and this provides consistent playing characteristics and a firm, secure stance position.
The product has been constructed from a curled nylon monofilament yarn, chosen for its resilence and hard wearing characteristics.   
It is quick and easy to install and requires little or no maintenance due to it requiring no sand or rubber infill.

Verde TeeTurf

A self install traditional artificial grass all weather tee which provides a surface which allows you to tee up from any position. A sand/rubber infill is essential for golf applications.

Verde TeeTurf has a unique 45mm hybrid design, tufted from a mix of curled and straight polypropylene monofilament yarns. The curled yarn provides a thatch that holds the straight yarn near vertical.

Sand and rubber granules should be brushed into the pile with minimal effort. The infill retention is excellent providing optimum playing characteristics with very little maintenance.

Verde TeeTurf is designed to take either a standard tee peg or for the golfer to drive straight off.
Both Super Verde TeeTurf and Verde TeeTurf are available in rolls 4.00m or 2.00m wide. Any length may be supplied with rolls longer than 10 metres being tufted to order. Rolls are charged per full mē but can be cut to your required dimensions. 

Verde Sports Golf Mats & Golf Driving Mats

Verde offer 3 standard types of Golf Mats/Golf Driving Mats, all available in various sizes, ideal for use in driving ranges, out on the course or home practice use. 

All of the Golf Mats come with pre-fused holes and are supplied complete with the rubber tees to suit (tubular tees for practice use and crossed rubber grommets for course use). Slots are available in the Two Star option (no rubber tees supplied). The following sized golf mats are available

• 1.50m x 1.50m     • 2.00m x 1.00m     • 1.00m x 1.00m     • 1.83m x 1.22m
• 1.50m x 1.00m     • 2.00m x 1.50m     • 1.00m x 0.50m     • Various

All the Verde Golf Mats and Golf Driving Mats are manufactured in the UK, which enables bespoke products to be made to non-standard sizes and specification, to meet individual clubs requirements.

For pricing, call us on   01722 716361
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