Masterline PM125 Clearsky for long grass airfield management 20kg bag

stock code: SEEDPM125CLEARSKY20

Authorities responsible for the safety of aircraft have been concerned with the danger of damage caused by aircraft striking birds while in flight.  Methods of reducing this have been sought, which has brought about the introduction of “Long Grass Management”.

Tall fescue was found to be the most suitable species for a long grass policy due to its erect stiff habit of growth.  It is a highly persistent, frost and drought resistant species, and when managed at an optimum mown height of 150mm, the most suited to long grass management.  Turf type annual ryegrass provides the quickest germination and groundcover, and acts a nurse crop for the Tall fescue.

Sowing rate:  20g/m2
Overseeding: 10g/m2                  
Mowing height:  150mm optimum height requirement

GroMax coated with Biostimulants to assist the seedlings ability to take advantage of the soils own inherent reserves of nutrient by stimulating the soild microflora, resulting in improved root growth and establishment

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