WPL External GRP pump chamber-1390x450mm dia. Drenag 300 pump. 32mm out-110mm In

stock code: WPLEPC1

The WPL External Pump Chamber (EPC) is used where the standard gravity outlet Diamond Treatment Plant cannot be used due to lack of fall, and is used to transfer the treated effluent to a higher location, such as a drainage field.
The EPC contains a DAB Drenag 300M-A stainless steel 0.25 kw 230 volt submersible pump with a built-in floatswitch and 10 metres of power cable. It is capable of pumping to heads of up to 6.5 metres at flows to a maximum of 9 m³ per hour.
The EPC is connected to the Diamond treatment plant by 110mm drainage pipe, and the 110mm inlet hole must be cut in the required position to suit the tank outlet height.
The pump outlet is fitted with a 32mm fitting for PE pipe.
To convert the Diamond STP for use with an EPC, the EPC Adaptor kit is required which converts and connects to the compressor box


List Price £560.00 (ex. vat) Nett Price £448.00 (ex. vat)