BM Stormcrate for attenuation & infiltration. 1200x600x420mm. 3.3 per m³

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Brett Martin Plumbing and Drainage has provided the answer to surface water runoff with the launch of StormCrate, an underground modular geocellular unit which is proven at managing excessive stormwater and is an ideal solution for domestic soakaways.

The UK has experienced some of the worst floods on record in previous years so the need to manage surface water runoff has been a crucial consideration for developers and housebuilders. The use of engineered Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) such as StormCrate is seen as one way of addressing the problem of flooding and avoiding using an overloaded sewer system.

Used to create underground storage tanks, StormCrates manage and control stormwater where it falls. Comprising modular units which can be laid or stacked in rows, StormCrates are quick and easy to install. Weighing in at only 18kg per module and measuring 1200mm x 600mm x 420mm, StormCrates can be easily lifted and set in place. The units are suitable for a range of applications including residential, commercial and industrial projects.

StormCrates can be wrapped in a geotextile which allows stored water to slowly seep into the surrounding ground and back into the water table. A more common practice is to surround StormCrates with an impermeable geomembrane to create a sealed underground tank. The outlet from this tank is then controlled to facilitate a slow release of the stored water back into the drainage system over a longer period.

Manufactured from recycled plastic, StormCrates have a high void ratio of 95% which means that the units are highly efficient at storing up to 300 litres of water in the event of heavy rains. If inspectability is required for future maintenance, then Brett Martin can offer StormCrate Inspect Crates.

There are no limits on the use and design of the surface over the system and StormCrates may be successfully installed under parking areas, driveways and landscaped areas. Ideal for domestic soakaways, only 250mm of cover is required above the crates for driveway applications which results in less dig and site spoil. When a minimum of 500mm cover is used, the high strength crate has a lorry bearing capacity of 60 tonnes.

Please note: Due to the low weight but high shipping volume, delivery local to Salisbury, Wiltshire, can be made on our own vehicles, but other destinations may required delivery on a pallet freight service. 10 crates can be fitted to a standard 1.2 x 1.2 metre pallet. Please contact the sales office for further delivery details. A shipping charge will not be calculated at checkout 


List Price £81.81 (ex. vat) Nett Price £49.09 (ex. vat)

  • Lightweight and easy to install in up to 10 layers
  • Ideal for domestic soakaways
  • Cost-effective and space saving
  • 3.3 StormCrates per 1m³ storage capacity
  • High strength crate with lorry bearing of up to 60 tonnes
  • Fully inspectable for future maintenance when used with StormCrate Inspect crates
  • A range of geotextiles and membranes is available
  • Extra connectors available to order