Daro Saphir 2 Plus Ultraviolet disinfection unit - 1.8 m³/hr @ 30 mJ/cm²

stock code: UV-SAPHIR02PRO

In addition to the standard Saphir system, we would like to introduce the new Saphir+ system.The Saphir+ System offers additional telemetry. The Saphir+ has additional lamp status information, an hour counter and a volt free contact facility for remote monitoring of lamp status, via a plug and socket (which is sealed and capped when not in use. Both capped and plugged configurations are rated to >IP65)

NB The flowrate stated in the product description indicates the manufactures maximum recommended flow at a UV dose of 30mJ per cm² at end of lamp life (approximately 9000 hours/12 months).
30mJ/cm² is the recommmended dose for domestic situations, and a 40mJ/cm² dose in industrial situations where a higher bacterial kill rate is required. At the higher dose rates, maximum flow will be reduced. See manufacturers literature attached for details


List Price £639.00 (ex. vat) Nett Price £479.25 (ex. vat)

  • UV lamp running indicator
  • UV lamp status - three way indicator display showing the status of the system
  • Switch to reset the internal hour counter
  • Volt free contact output for remote display of lamp on indicator