Siphon King Utility Hand Pump. 36'' Chamber & 72'' Outlet Hose.

stock code: PUMPSKUHP36-72

Quickly remove water from areas such as valve boxes, meter pits, and pipe trenches with the Siphon King Utility Pump.
Self-priming steel shaft that resists corrosion and rust, combined with a heavy duty handle and long, flexible discharge hose for excellent functionality.
Intake foot is easily removed for cleaning

36" long pump chamber
72" long flexible discharge hose

It can be fitted with the optional Syringe Sucker adapter to enable removal of water from small chambers, such as from the inside of sprinkler heads.


List Price £34.15 (ex. vat) Nett Price £30.74 (ex. vat)

  • Made in the USA
  • Corrosion proof
  • Provides quick removal of water
  • Self-priming, lightweight utility pump
  • High strength, ergonomic handle can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh usage
  • 36" pump provides quick removal of one gallon in four strokes
  • 24" extension available; fits on to existing pump to access hard to reach areas
  • Steel shaft improves strength
  • Flexible discharge hose for directing water evacuation
  • Removable intake foot for easy cleaning
  • Perfect for removing water from valve boxes, meter pits, pipe trenches and anywhere water accumulates