Grundfos CC5-A-1 sump pump. 230v/1ph/50Hz. 240 w. 10 metre cable. Level switch

stock code: GFOSCC5A1

The Unilift CC is a single-stage submersible drainage pump, designed for the pumping of drain water and grey wastewater. The Unilift CC has now the dual outlet option which makes installation more flexible and replacement even easier than before. Connect vertically or horizontally - as you like.
The Unilift CC can pump down to 3mm by removing the strainer. The Unilift CC is suitable for permanent as well as portable installation. The Unilift CC is equipped with a non-return flap valve in the outlet in order to prevent back flow.
The strainer is made of stainless steel, the other main pump parts are made of moulded composite materials.
The Unilift CC is designed for the pumping of:
  • Water and rainwater in horticulture
  • Water from rivers and lakes
  • Rainwater, drainage water and water from flooding
  • Water for filling/emptying containers, ponds, tanks etc
  • Effluents from showers, washing machines and sinks below sewer level
  • Pool water
  • Ditch drainage water
  • Groundwater
  • Effluents from viaducts, underpasses, etc
  • Drainage water from garage sprinkler systems


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