WPL DMS 2 Diamond gravity sewage treatment plant up to 6 population ET100

stock code: WPLDMS2

The WPL Diamond compact package wastewater treatment plant is suitable for domestic and small commercial properties in all ground conditions where mains drainage is unavailable.

Unlike traditional septic tank systems, modern package wastewater (sewage) treatment plants are better designed for todays’ increased volume of water usage in everyday life. The WPL Diamond meets this growing demand and has an added advantage of a high quality process for wastewater (sewage) treatment, in a compact, single tank. Easy to install and maintain, the range offers a longer term cost-saving solution.  

WPL offer you a 25 years tank warranty with each WPL Diamond plant

This WPL Diamond DMS 2 (1 up to 6 people occupancy equivalent) is compact, odourless and entirely hidden below ground. With the flushest lids on the market, you won’t even know it’s there!


List Price £2758.39 (ex. vat) Nett Price £2068.79 (ex. vat)

25 years warranty* - Comes with 25 years tank warranty and a process performance guarantee for the life of the tank. The air blower (housed in the kiosk) warranty is 2 years.

Longer emptying cycle* - up to 3 years desludge – due to our highly efficient aeration process which breaks down organic matter at a reduced sludge rate resulting in longer emptying cycles of up to three years.

Low user maintenance - No internal electrical or mechanical moving parts inside the tank, offering minimal maintenance compared to other processes on the market which are prone to breaking down.

No odours* - The WPL Diamond wastewater treatment range is odourless so you won’t even know it’s there!

No hidden costs - The standard package includes a WPL Diamond DMS tank, WPL kiosk, alarm beacon, blowers and 10 metres air hose. Additional extras are available.

Simple installation - Compact in design, keeping the excavation to a minimum and the installation simple, with little disruption.

*subject to correct installation, consistent influent conditions and regular plant maintenance as per the manufacturers’ instructions.